Prepare the Way - Second Sunday of Advent

This sermon was given on the Second Sunday of Advent, December 4, 2011. The Rev David Hyman preached on the Gospel passage that day, Mark 1:1-8.

During Advent, this season of preparation, John’s figure looms large over us. Throughout Scripture, the metaphor used for those submerged in their sins is one who is submerged as in a deep sleep. Oblivious to reality, they slumber on.

John’s voice echoes down through the centuries to startle us. To awaken us from our slumber! Wake up! Repent from your sins. Turn your hearts back to the Lord. He is coming! Be prepared.

Because the reality is we cannot get to Jesus until we’ve first gone through John. Part of the life of faith is obedience – living as God has asked us to. So we are to deal with our sins.