Vestry Slate 2019

The Vestry serves a vital role in the life of Holy Trinity. In addition to having authority over the legal and business affairs of the parish, they also serve a vital role as an advisory council of lay people in matters of mission and ministry. The requirements of the Vestry are as follows, as stated in Section 4.2. Qualifications of Members of the Vestry in our parish by laws:

Members of the Vestry:

a) Shall be voting members of Holy Trinity;

b) Shall have shown their support of, and commitment to, the Vision and Values of Holy Trinity;

c) Shall have illustrated godly character with a level of wisdom and maturity that is respected by the Congregation of Holy Trinity;

d) Shall have displayed leadership in a ministry of Holy Trinity;

e) Shall live either in fidelity within the covenant of marriage between a man and a woman, or chastity in singleness;

f) Shall practice Sabbath, lead an active prayer life, know and continue to study Scripture, and be a cheerful giver;

g) Shall have time to serve effectively on the Vestry, appropriately prioritizing this commitment; and

h) Shall affirm the following declaration & promise, “I do believe the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testament to be the Word of God and to contain all things necessary for salvation and I do yield my hearty consent to the doctrine, discipline, and worship of Christ as the Anglican Church has received them. I promise that I will faithfully lead and serve as I am called as a member of this local Congregation to the best of my ability.”

Each year, existing Vestry members rotate off at the end of their terms. A slate of new members is put forward to approve at the Annual Meeting. Nick Robinson and Mitzi Grey are rotating off after years of faithful and vital leadership. The slate we’ll vote on includes Bob Macdonald and Jed Atkins. To learn more about our Vestry, click here. To learn more about Bob and Jed, see below.

Bob Macdonald


Bob was born in Kingston, New York, and grew up in Hyde Park, NY.  He was raised in the Methodist Church, attended Vacation Bible School each summer at his grandmother’s Baptist Church in Central New York.  Bob graduated from Niagara University (Catholic – Vincentian Fathers).

Bob moved to North Carolina in 1988 and worked for several years at Kerr Drug, primarily in the Planning Department responsible for overseeing new store openings and remodels.  In the early 1990s he moved to Richmond, VA.  During his time in Richmond, through a series of God-directed “coincidences”, Bob was led to join Saint Matthew’s Episcopal Church where he met his wife, Nancy.  Having been “recruited” into the choir solely on the basis of being able to read music, he fell in love with her voice during rehearsals for a performance of John Rutter’s Requiem – Nancy was the soprano soloist.  Nancy will tell you she knew she was going to marry Bob even before they met.  They were married at Saint Matthews in January of 1993.

Several months after getting married, Bob and Nancy moved (back) to North Carolina.  During their search for a church, they got involved in a new church plant in Apex.  The years following this move were filled with much spiritual growth.  They both also became involved with Concert Singers of Cary, continuing their passion for choral music.

In 2005, Bob started working for a small company based in Chattanooga, Tennessee that specializes in architectural as-built surveys and signage surveys.  This job was a full time travel position often requiring multiple weeks away from home.  It was during this time that Bob started visiting Anglican churches in various places around the country.  In 2006 Bob and Nancy began attending All Saints Anglican Church in Durham.  On Maundy Thursday, 2014, they attended Holy Trinity for the first time and have been here ever since! 

After many years on the road, Bob’s current position as Director of Field Training has allowed him the  ability to work from home in Sanford, NC and requires much less travel.  Bob enjoys running, biking and hiking.  An Eagle Scout, he has enjoyed rediscovering his passion for backpacking during adventures with the men’s ministry.  He and Nancy are glad to be part of the Pittsboro small group and Bob looks forward to a weekly meeting with friends from the Holy Trinity men’s ministry for coffee and conversation.

Bob and Nancy are blessed with a rescue dog, Kona (sometimes also known as “Kona the bad dog”).

Jed Atkins


Jed grew up in rural central Pennsylvania, near State College (the home of Penn State University). He attended Bowdoin College, a small liberal-arts college on the beautiful Maine coast, where he met his future wife, Claire. Following college, Jed spent 5 years in Cambridge, England, where he completed a master’s degree in political thought and intellectual history and a PhD in Classics. While in Cambridge Jed and Claire worshipped at one of England’s few Presbyterian churches. They appreciate the irony in the fact that despite their time in England they did not come to embrace the Anglican Way until they were well-established in Durham, North Carolina.

Jed and Claire have lived in Durham since 2009, when Jed began his job as a Classics Professor at Duke University. Jed’s research and teaching focuses on Greek, Roman, and Early-Christian moral and political philosophy. He’s also actively involved in Duke’s Center for Christianity and Scholarship. Jed, Claire, and their two children, William and Caroline, have been worshipping at Holy Trinity since the summer of 2016. They are deeply thankful for how God has used Holy Trinity to work in their lives and the lives of their children during this time, especially through worship, small group, and the Atrium. During his free time, Jed enjoys reading fiction, being outdoors in NC with his family, and following ACC basketball (go Duke!) and Big Ten football (go Penn State!).