Youth Intern - Luke DuCharme

Luke started undergraduate studies at UNC Chapel Hill in Fall of 2016. He is the son of Mike and Lisa. Mike is an Anglican priest and chaplain in the U.S. Army, so Luke is very familiar with the military family life. He’s originally from Denver, Colorado, but he has spent much of his life in North and South Carolina. His major is Information Science with a minor in Computer Science and Religious Studies.

Luke was raised in the Calvary Chapel and various non-denominational churches. He fell in love with Anglicanism through the Book of Common Prayer and discussions with his dad. He started regularly attending his dad’s services at Ft. Jackson’s Bayonet Chapel, Holy Trinity, and St. Andrew’s Anglican Church in Maryland (depending on where he was living). He was confirmed in December 2017 by Bishop Steve Breedlove at St. Andrew’s.

In addition to working with Holy Trinity, Luke is a Bible study leader with UNC Chapel Hill’s Cru campus ministry. He enjoys being outdoors and triathlon. He loves to read, especially books or articles on history, theology, and cybersecurity. After graduation, Luke aims to pursue a career in the Army as a chaplain or a career in software development.