Who art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy Name: The Prayer that Jesus Taught Us - Part 2

This sermon is the second in a series on the Lord’s Prayer given at Holy Trinity - Chatham by the Rev David Hyman on January 22nd, 2012. It examines the phrase, "Who art in heaven" and the first petition of the prayer, "Hallowed be thy name." 

How often do we begin our prayers with our laundry list of needs and then as soon as we’re done, we move on to the next thing in front of us? We jump in with all of our concerns, all of our needs, and we tell God how things need to be in our lives. And then, we quickly move on to the next important thing that needs to get done. This prayer teaches us to start with asking that who God is be revealed, that his name be hallowed above all else. He is the one who deserves honor and glory and praise.