Prayers of the People

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The following prayers will be used during the Prayers of the People this coming Sunday. Continue to offer these petitions throughout the coming week. If you would like to add a petition to our prayers for those who suffer and those in any trouble, please send it along to

If you would like to add a petition to our prayers for those who suffer and those in any trouble, please send it along to



Pray for the Church, its members, and its mission

For the clergy of this parish: Bless, O Lord, the clergy of this parish, and strengthen them with your grace. May they be diligent in prayer and in the study of your holy Word, that by wise counsel and good example, they may guide your people committed to their charge, and labor with unwearied zeal for the extension of your kingdom.


For the persecuted Church throughout the world: Preserve, O God, we remember especially before you those who are facing hardship, danger and persecution for your Name. Uphold them in their need; give them strength to endure; and may their example inspire us to more courageous service, that we together with them may strive for the advancement of your kingdom throughout the world.


Pray for our Nation and those in authority

For those in our world who guide and influence the thoughts of people: O God, you have taught us to pray for all those in our world with influence and power, so we pray for artists, authors, musicians, and journalists; may the work they do which affects our common life be crowned more with truth and beauty than with darkness, deceit, and despair, and give your people wisdom to know the difference.


Pray for the welfare of the world

For those suffering from depression, anxiety, or any mental anguish: O God of peace, who has taught us that in returning and rest we shall be saved, in quietness and in confidence shall be our strength: By the might of your Spirit lift those who suffer to your presence, where they may be still and know that you are God.


Pray for the concerns of the local community

For Marriages: O gracious and everliving God, you have created us male and female in your image: Look mercifully upon those who are joined together in Holy Matrimony and assist them with your grace, that with true fidelity and steadfast love they may honor and keep the promises and vows they make, that you may be glorified through them and so reveal your good purposes for Holy Matrimony to the world.


Pray for those who suffer and those in any trouble

  • Margaret Waaler, Geoff’s mother, dealing with complications from COPD; for healing and wisdom to make decisions in course of treatment.

  • Andrew, recovering from extensive surgery for oral cancer, for his wife, Polly, their young children, and dear friends, Allison and Marty Martin; for healing and peace.  

  • Jean, Nancy Macdonald’s stepmom, recovering from back surgery this week; for healing and comfort.

  • Carrie Waffa's mother, Lora, recovering from surgery for a broken hip; for rest, healing, and comfort.

  • Joe Perrotta, Ashlie Campbell’s father, recently diagnosed with treatable prostate cancer; for effective treatment and healing.

  • Nancy Robinson, traveling to the Seattle area to complete her Level III atrium training; for focus, stamina, and connections.

  • Joe Quaile, traveling to Puerto Rico for short term mission work at the end of July; for safety, unity, and peace among the team.

  • Stephanie, daughter of Rick and Kathy Salmon, who has an autoimmune disease; for effective treatment, healing, and comfort.

  • Brandon Robinson, Nick Robinson’s brother, recently diagnosed with lung cancer; for effective treatment, care, and peace.

  • Members of Grace Community Church, looking for a new church home; for healing, encouragement, and a divinely ordered path forward.

  • Renee Bischoff, single mom, who has developed a brain tumor, friend of Kelly Butler; for physical and financial health.

  • Allison Reeves, diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer, her husband Ben, two children, Isabella and Christian, and dear friends, the Butler family; for complete healing and God’s peace.

  • Bob and Joanne Macdonald, Bob Macdonald’s parents; for wisdom, healing, and provision.

  • Elizabeth Snoeyink, for complete recovery from cancer.

  • Brian Gilley, diagnosed with Stage IV melanoma; for healing, peace, and God’s presence for his family.

  • Kathy Salmon's mother Helma, suffering with Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Jennifer Hawkins’ uncle Nathan, near end of life; for peace and a perfect end.         

  • Ben Boyd; for mercy.

  • For those whose suffering is known only to God.


Pray thanksgivings for the blessings of this life

For the diversity of races and cultures: O God, who created all peoples in your image, we thank you for the wonderful diversity of races and cultures in this world. Enrich our lives by ever-widening circles of fellowship, and show us your presence in those who differ most from us, until our knowledge of your love is made perfect in our love for all your children.

Give thanks for the lives of those who have faithfully followed Christ in every age

Macrina, Monastic and Teacher, 379, (remembered on July 19th): Merciful God, you called your servant Macrina to reveal in her life and her teaching the riches of your grace and truth: May we, following her example, seek after your wisdom and live according to her way; through Jesus Christ our Savior, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.