Those undergoing surgery:

  • Marsha Butler, on June 20th

  • Peggy Grove, on  June 25th

  • For those suffering from cancer:

    • Wendy, Kathy Salmon’s sister

    • Linda Newton

    • Brandon, Nick Robinson’s brother

    • Sandy Martin; Renee Bischoff

    • Julie, friend of Marty Martin

    • Terry, friend of Robert Robinson

  • Those recently with recent hospitalizations:

    • Margaret Waaler

    • Benjamin Westfall

    • Joan Gustafson, Dianne Martin’s aunt

  • The elderly and those who care for them:

    • Harold, Matthew Neely’s father

    • Helma, Kathy Salmon's mother

    • Nathan, Jennifer Hawkins’ uncle, near end of life

    • Lora and , Carrie Waffa’s parents

    • Bob Macdonald’s parents

  • Those who mourn:

    • The family of Elisabeth Morrell, with the recent loss of her father

  • Ben Boyd; for mercy.

  • For those whose suffering is known only to God.

Prayer at Holy Trinity: Interested in receiving prayer or in serving in the prayer ministry?  Contact Rev. Ben Bowman ( If you would like to add a petition to our prayers for those who suffer and those in any trouble, please send it along to