Men’s Ministry Study 2018 - 2019: The Life of David

At our Wednesday evening gatherings, we will be studying the Life of David together this year . There is much to learn about being a man in relationship with God from David. While it was said he was a man after God’s own heart, he also made some grave mistakes. Yet he continued in his commitment to the LORD until the end.

To inform our conversations, we’ll be using the sermon series on David by Pastor Tim Keller to help us along. Click below for sermon audio or for the text. Please listen or read through the sermon before you come on Wednesday nights. This will enable us to dig deeply into God’s Word and explore David’s life together.

Oct 10 —
A Man after god’s own heart

1 Samuel

Here Pastor Tim Keller introduces the series on the Life of David by explaining the best practice for approaching the Old Testament. Often we come to the characters in the Old Testament and we mine the details of their lives for moral lessons. Tim points to a different way, a life-giving, faithful way of coming to the life of David, a man after God’s own heart.

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nov 14 —
David and jonathan

1 Samuel

In this sermon, Pastor Tim Keller unpacks three different reactions to David’s defeat of Goliath: the crowd’s, Saul’s, and Jonathan’s. He ends with an important and beautiful expostion on how vital it is that we have significant friendships with one another and with the Lord.

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dec 12 —
no fallen words

1 Samuel

In this sermon, we’ll consider the growth of the prophet Samuel and how God revealed himself to Samuel through his Word. As this is the Advent season, this sermon connects us with the reality that God speaks and he keeps his Word.

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We’ll consider in this teaching, the three stages of Saul’s spiritual self destruction: jealousy, slavery, and blasphemy. It’s a cautionary tale to all men in how to live good lives which are pleasing to God.

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Jan 9 —
Spiritual self destruction

1 Samuel 18:7–16; 19:18–24

In this passage, Tim teaches on God’s good gifts, how leadership needs to be considered carefully, and the ordering of our desires.

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Feb 13 —
The Mighty Men

2 Samuel 23:13–17

Mar 13 —
david and bathsheba

2 Samuel 11:1–5, 14–17; 12:1–7

This is one of the most famous passages in the Bible. It’s about what’s really in the human heart. Keller says, “Woe be unto us if we don’t learn what this passage is seeking to teach us.” It teaches us at least three things: the power of sin, the shrewdness of grace, and the assurance of pardon.

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The passage we will consider is a peculiar passage that Keller expounds upon with his usual wisdom and insight. It has a great deal to say to us, here in this final week of Lent, about the sin of pride and the idolatry of power.

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APR 10 —
The hand of the lord

2 Samuel 24:10–21

may 8 —
David’s courage

2 Samuel 6:1-23

The classic story of David and Goliath answers the question, “What does real courage look like?” David’s heart surfaces in this story of fear and faith. David showed us that when the odds truly are against us and we feel overwhelmed, the single most important thing we can ever do is to remember what is most real - the character, power and rule of God.

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