Lent at Home

The liturgical season of Lent begins on Ash Wednesday--this year it falls on March 6, 2019--and lasts until Easter.  It is a commemoration of Jesus' 40 days of fasting in the desert and a season of fasting and preparation.

We will journey through Lent together in our Sunday worship and other church gatherings during this time.  Here are some resources to think about how to observe Lent at home.  I would love to hear about other traditions or resources that are meaningful to your family, too.  Please feel free to send them: lisa@holytrinitych.org


  •        A guided, audio Examen  Prayer to listen to together, to review the day and prepare for the next.

Lenten Journey Map (free printable) and more






Observing Lent at home—lots of great Montessori ideas including this prayer chain:






lenten salt dough spiral.jpg

Lenten Salt Dough Spiral (made to move a candle forward for each of the 40 days)