Mission to UNC-Chapel Hill

Holy Trinity's mission to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is focused on reaching students, faculty, and staff with the love and truth of the Gospel and integrating them into the life of our local church. We are in partnership with the NC Study Center and and hold weekly gatherings for discipleship, fellowship, Evening Prayer, and mid week Eucharist. 

Join us for fall 2017

The Soul of the University - Tuesdays from 5 to 6 pm

Join us for a weekly study group exploring the place of faith in contemporary higher education. We’ll seek to answer questions like, What place do my Christian beliefs have within a major research university?  Is faith a matter of private conviction, existing in an entirely separate realm from the so-called ‘public’ knowledge of the classroom and lab?  Should my faith influence the way that I approach my studies and research?  If so, in what way? We’ll end our time with Evening Prayer and an opportunity for fellowship. We'll meet the NC Study Center (203 Battle Lane, Chapel Hill). Click here to sign up. For more information, contact Fr David.

Mid Week Eucharist 

We offer a brief mid week Eucharist at the NC Study Center. This will be a quiet service, which offers us a chance to hear the Word, to receive the sacrament, and to be sent back out into the world. Contact Fr David for more information.