Message on Finances

By Kelly Butler, Vestry Member

In the financial history of our young church, these high marks (increasing percentages) beside each quarter are not the norm. We need to be careful. Never let them become symbols for pats on our backs. It's easy to attribute them to the vestry's wise, expertise planning or to the congregants for fulfilling our responsibility to tithe, even sacrificially giving more. Resist any pride in this!

We must consider these increases in light of Luke 12 - "to whom much is given, much is required." The vestry will be prayerfully planning the 2020 budget soon. We are also in a season of studying and meditating on the theme of generosity.

Two exciting and major shifts are happening in our parish this year. Obviously, we are growing and need to expand to two services. Father David also expressed in his recent letter that a broader foundation is being laid for local and global outreach and missions.

Each week, during the post communion prayer, we thank God and ask Him to send us into the world, giving us strength and courage to love and serve. This is exactly where our budget should align in our hearts. Pray for the vestry to plan accordingly. Corporately, we all need to ask God where He wants to use each of us to positively impact our community and world, so that this church can be living out radical generosity, which is characterized by humility and gratitude.

Kelly Butler