Letter to Parents

by Lisa McCowen

Dear Parents,

Summer is here!  In the liturgical year, we find ourselves in Ordinary Time, a season for reflection on the extraordinary things God has done and is doing through Jesus Christ. The liturgical color is a verdant green, reminding us this is a season for growth!  We’ve collected some resources to assist you and your family to that end for the summer and beyond. 

  • We have compiled verses for memory and meditation taken from the appointed Gospel readings each week.  These are verses to take home, post on the fridge, talk about, think about, act out, write out, illustrate, hide in our hearts.

  • Given busy summer schedules and to give our hardworking Children’s Chapel volunteers a break, we will not have children’s chapel during July and the first 2 weeks of August.  We will have busy clipboards available during that time and a Weekly Children’s bulletin which includes Gospel related activities, the Gospel text, and space with the following prompt: You can draw here, record your thoughts about the Gospel text, write a poem or words & phrases you hear from the sermon.  What do you learn about God?  About yourself?

  • As children worship with us, there are increased parenting challenges and opportunities.  Here is a summary of some helpful thoughts about how to engage our children in worship from Robbie Castleman’s book, Parenting in the Pew.  (I don’t agree with all of her methodology, but I definitely share her value of helping children to become worshippers.)

Grace and peace to you in this season of Ordinary Time,