Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is a lay ministry which prepares for the Lord's Table for worship, maintains and cares for sacred vessels, altar linens, and vestments. Prior to the nineteenth century, these duties were performed by the clergy and later by the sacristan or parish clerk. By the late nineteenth century, the altar guild had come into being.

The rector of the church is the head of the altar guild, which functions under his guidance and direction. The rector appoints the director of the altar guild and its members. 

As written so beautifully by Josephine Smith Wood in her Altar Guild Manual, 1915, “Before entering upon work about the Altar, kneel a few moments...and, offering your work to God, ask Him to accept and bless it, and enable you to do it worthily as unto Him. It is a great honor and privilege to be allowed to care for the holy things in God’s house, and a devout spirit and reverent demeanor should characterize those who are thus engaged.”

If you would like to serve in this very important ministry, please contact Fr David.