Our Vestry

Staff and Vestry of Holy Trinity - August 2019

Staff and Vestry of Holy Trinity - August 2019

What is a vestry?

A vestry is a group of elected lay members called to assist the parish priest and to serve the common good of the congregation. The complete description of vestry duties and responsibilities may be found in Holy Trinity's bylaws

Vestry Members

Jed Atkins

Jed grew up in rural central Pennsylvania, near State College (the home of Penn State University). He attended Bowdoin College, a small liberal-arts college on the beautiful Maine coast, where he met his future wife, Claire. Following college, Jed spent 5 years in Cambridge, England, where he completed a master’s degree in political thought and intellectual history and a PhD in Classics. While in Cambridge Jed and Claire worshipped at one of England’s few Presbyterian churches. They appreciate the irony in the fact that despite their time in England they did not come to embrace the Anglican Way until they were well-established in Durham, North Carolina.

 Jed and Claire have lived in Durham since 2009, when Jed began his job as a Classics Professor at Duke University. Jed’s research and teaching focuses on Greek, Roman, and Early-Christian moral and political philosophy. He’s also actively involved in Duke’s Center for Christianity and Scholarship. Jed, Claire, and their two children, William and Caroline, have been worshipping at Holy Trinity since the summer of 2016. They are deeply thankful for how God has used Holy Trinity to work in their lives and the lives of their children during this time, especially through worship, small group, and the Atrium. During his free time, Jed enjoys reading fiction, being outdoors in NC with his family, and following ACC basketball (go Duke!) and Big Ten football (go Penn State!).

Kelly Butler 

Kelly and her husband Sean were raised in military families, which required that they move and reside in several national and international places most of their early childhood.  North Carolina became a long-term home and where they met as teenagers then eventually married after college. Since 2001, they now enjoy raising their children and being a part of the community of beautiful, rural Chatham County. 

Before their children were school age, Kelly became increasingly concerned about education for their family and fellow Christian families. They were introduced to K-12 classical, Christian education and immediately became actively involved in founding a non-profit school in 2007. Haw River Christian Academy opened its doors in August 2008. Soon after this was underway, another paradigm shift occurred in their family.  Through the school, they were invited into a small group that regularly met in Pittsboro but was connected to an Anglican church based in Durham.

Within a couple years, the small group prayerfully sensed that the Lord was leading it to launch a local Anglican church.  While this meant being involved in planting two significant and unique organizations in Chatham County, it was an answer to Kelly’s yearning for home, church, and school life to be well integrated with God’s goodness, truth, and beauty. Thanks be to God!

Outside of her involvement with Church of the Holy Trinity and the school, she is a freelance professional photographer and treasures time to run or hike trails, read, travel, and most of all, spend time with family and friends.

David Hyman

David's Bio

Bob Macdonald

Bob was born in Kingston, New York, and grew up in Hyde Park, NY.  He was raised in the Methodist Church, attended Vacation Bible School each summer at his grandmother’s Baptist Church in Central New York.  Bob graduated from Niagara University (Catholic – Vincentian Fathers).

Bob moved to North Carolina in 1988 and worked for several years at Kerr Drug, primarily in the Planning Department responsible for overseeing new store openings and remodels.  In the early 1990s he moved to Richmond, VA.  During his time in Richmond, through a series of God-directed “coincidences”, Bob was led to join Saint Matthew’s Episcopal Church where he met his wife, Nancy.  Having been “recruited” into the choir solely on the basis of being able to read music, he fell in love with her voice during rehearsals for a performance of John Rutter’s Requiem – Nancy was the soprano soloist.  Nancy will tell you she knew she was going to marry Bob even before they met.  They were married at Saint Matthews in January of 1993.

Several months after getting married, Bob and Nancy moved (back) to North Carolina.  During their search for a church, they got involved in a new church plant in Apex.  The years following this move were filled with much spiritual growth.  They both also became involved with Concert Singers of Cary, continuing their passion for choral music.

In 2005, Bob started working for a small company based in Chattanooga, Tennessee that specializes in architectural as-built surveys and signage surveys.  This job was a full time travel position often requiring multiple weeks away from home.  It was during this time that Bob started visiting Anglican churches in various places around the country.  In 2006 Bob and Nancy began attending All Saints Anglican Church in Durham.  On Maundy Thursday, 2014, they attended Holy Trinity for the first time and have been here ever since! 

After many years on the road, Bob’s current position as Director of Field Training has allowed him the  ability to work from home in Sanford, NC and requires much less travel.  Bob enjoys running, biking and hiking.  An Eagle Scout, he has enjoyed rediscovering his passion for backpacking during adventures with the men’s ministry.  He and Nancy are glad to be part of the Pittsboro small group and Bob looks forward to a weekly meeting with friends from the Holy Trinity men’s ministry for coffee and conversation.

Bob and Nancy are blessed with a rescue dog, Kona (sometimes also known as “Kona the bad dog”).

Dianne Martin

Dianne Martin was raised in a military family that moved around a lot until she was 16 when they landed in the Washington, DC area.   She finished high school there and went to a small liberal arts college in Maryland where she met her future husband Dave.  It was freshman math nerd meeting senior captain of the basketball team – this unlikely pair married when Dianne graduated, and they stayed in the Washington DC area for 50 years, where Dave was a lawyer and Dianne became a computer science professor.  They were active in an evangelical Methodist church after they had two children, teaching Sunday school and running the youth program for a number of years.  Eventually they made the move to become Anglicans, seeking a deeper faith experience.  During their married life they were able to travel all over the world.  After Dave passed away from cancer in 2014, Dianne decided to retire from George Washington University after 33 years of service and move to Chapel Hill in 2016 to be near her daughter Jennifer and two grandchildren. Her son Charles also relocated to NC and now lives in Raleigh where he works in IT.

Dianne describes her own faith journey as Do-it-yourself Dianne meets the Maker – she did not become a committed Christian until she was 30 years old, and it was a journey of headfirst, then the heart, then the hands following the lead of the Spirit.  “Once I was in, I was all an, and as a result, God has put me in some amazing situations. He still continues to surprise me!”

Mia Munn

Mia Munn and her husband Dan have lived in the triangle since 1984. They have three grown sons and two grandkids. The family attended Evergreen Methodist in Chatham County while the boys were growing up. Several years ago, a fellow cub scout leader mentioned Holy Trinity, which had just started meeting at Evergreen. After growing up in the Episcopal Church, Mia’s first Sunday at Holy Trinity felt like coming home, and she has been actively engaged in doing whatever is needed for the church every since, currently serving as Treasurer. Mia is a business data analyst on a contract at Cisco. For fun, she walks, reads, cooks, and visits her grandkids.

Todd Norris

Todd and his wife Cheryl moved to Chatham County from the foothills of North Carolina a dozen or so years ago when Todd took a job leading the data warehousing work at Blue Cross of NC. The move allowed Cheryl to move into a full time stay-home role as mother to their 7 children (don't panic, some have already moved out of the house and, in Todd's words, "off the payroll"). Several years ago they were looking for a deeper worship experience and stumbled into a small church plant called Holy Trinity of Chatham. It was spring time and their first experience going through Lent and Easter Vigil with this group of people and in this way of worship was exactly what they needed. Their kids were part of starting up the first youth group and they have enjoyed watching the church grow in depth of spirit and in numbers. 

The family recently moved out of a subdivision and onto a small piece of land in northern Chatham County to downsize their inside and upsize their outside space. It has been a wonderful change. Todd loves to make things from wood! He designed and built the altar and side table when we moved to our current location, engineered and built the hardware to hang our decorative banners in the church and since moving to their new home has tackled a chicken coop, a set of Adirondack chairs, and a critter-proof raised garden.

Todd's favorite verse is Philippians 4:6-7. One of his favorite quotes in life comes from Mark Twain, "I've lived through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened." Both are reminders that we need to worry less and pray more. 

Shelby Pohlman 

Shelby is the rare Chapel Hill local.  She was born and raised in the Chapel Hill area and other than a few years living in Boulder, Colorado and the Pacific Northwest, has called Chapel Hill home.  Shelby’s Christian formation was shaped heavily by her grandparents in Asheville.  Shelby was baptized, confirmed and married in the Episcopal Church but as she and her family grew she found something lacking in their church experience.  One visit to Holy Trinity was all the Pohlman Family needed to realize this was the church community they had been searching for.  Shelby, her husband and both boys jumped right into serving and know they are blessed to have found such faithful Anglican fellowship at Holy Trinity.  Shelby holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Accounting from UNC-Chapel Hill.  Shelby has a CPA firm in Chapel Hill where she has practiced for almost 20 years.  Shelby’s interests include reading the Internal Revenue Tax Code and pretending that she is actually 5’ 1” tall.