Someone once asked the great Anglican scholar and writer, C.S. Lewis, "What style of church do you prefer? Are you high church or low church?" "High" meaning very formal and traditional. "Low" meaning less formal and more contemporary. C.S. Lewis responded, "I'm neither. I'm deep church." The implication being that vibrant faithfulness ought always to trump style.

At Holy Trinity, we share Lewis’s heart. Our call is to be a deep church defined more by our characteristic faithfulness than by our modes of worship. We are traditional and vibrant. We are reverent and joyful. We are ancient and modern. 

What's more, we have identified some longings for depth here in our community. We believe God has called us to address these. The deepest longings of the human heart can only be satisfied in Christ but he uses his church to encounter his people and meet their needs. We see God using Holy Trinity to meet the longings for deep community, deep discipleship, deep prayer, deep mission, deep worship, and deep transformation.

If these are longings you have, come and see. Visit Holy Trinity. Talk to our priest. We would love to welcome you and your family and worship with you.