Creation Care

Our original human vocation was to care for God's good Creation. At our church we take this seriously. We are always looking for ways our community can be sustainable stewards of the blessings God has offered us in Creation and to help our church implement strategies to that end. 

Our facility is a Campus Sustainability Partner and a founding member of the Center for Plant ConservationOn Sunday mornings, we serve wholesome food to our families. We use mugs, glasses, or recycled paper cups for coffee and tea, as well as reusable snack cups for the children, or big kids too! Feel free to bring your mugs from home, as well. All our paper waste is recycled and our food waste is composted. The goal is to reduce waste and to bless our families, body and soul. 

We feel so blessed by the abundance that is all around us and praise God we can honor him though these small choices.